The 50 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes...and How to Avoid Them

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Again, this can be very difficult to do. Whether you decide to change jobs, take on a second job, start a side business, sell some of your possessions, or maximize your investment returns, increasing your income will definitely help.

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Ideally, it would be great to be able to do both. Perhaps increasing your income and cutting out a few budget items will allow you to keep some of those expenditures that you value the most. No one can make that choice for you.

1. Establish your budget

But if you are determined to balance your budget, you may need to make some pretty painful decisions. You can ignore it for a while, but the piper will eventually get paid. We would rather pay on our own terms rather than those that will inevitably be forced upon us at some point in the future. You are in charge of your life. What are you willing to give up in order to get what you want or need?

View all posts by Kim Petch Write Your Comments Comments I cannot believe how dead on your article is… I have been preaching for years that the attaining financial success is simple: decrease expense, increase income or a combination of both. And it is simple… but not necessarily easy. The tough part is offering good motivation for a client to create action.

Thanks Mike. I guess the problem, as you say, is that this stuff is sometimes easier said than done. Thanks for stopping by!

How to Balance a Home Budget - Budgeting Money

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View all posts by Kim Petch. Comments I cannot believe how dead on your article is… I have been preaching for years that the attaining financial success is simple: decrease expense, increase income or a combination of both. Limited on behalf of Which? Financial Services Limited. Money-saving Tips. In this article.

Beginners Guide: How to balance your PC budget

Boost your budget by saving on essentials 2. Cut the cost of your debts 3.

How to Make Budgeting Easier

Assess your leisure spending. Use of personal budget planner tools 5. Generate extra cash where you can 6. Get debt help if your budget won't add up. Quiz: Are you a savvy saver? Reducing your spending is a key step to take when creating an effective household budget.

Our quiz will help you see how savvy you are when it comes to saving money and identify areas where you could be a bit thriftier. Perhaps you have cash to burn.

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