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I was struck by the fact that many of his positions are not merely antithetical to libertarianism, but also to conservatism. Many conservative-leaning Republicans have some questions about whether endless interventionism really makes America safer, and virtually all of them oppose Common Core. Would-be Republican candidates should not take libertarian votes for granted to this extent and get away with it. Even Mitt Romney, the candidate, made occasional paeans to libertarianism. Semi-libertarian presidential candidate Rand Paul evidently feels the need to moderate his positions to appeal to the Republican base; why does Bush not feel obligated to do the same thing, but in reverse?

Take almost any generic Republican—take Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the closest one can get to a Bush clone outside the literal Bush family—and you will at least find some pandering to libertarianism.

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I would assert that Perry, by no means a libertarian and not actually a candidate , is more libertarian than Bush, as evidenced by this interview. Bush's fearless defense of government intervention into so many aspects of foreign and domestic policy should be vexing, not just to libertarians, but for anyone who aspires to cast a ballot for a candidate other than Hillary Clinton.

Ira Stoll Christian Britschgi Scott Shackford Robby Soave Mike Riggs Gun Rights. Jacob Sullum And sometimes weather conditions have a say in the matter. But as far as the planning of entertainment, the conflict will be between the forces of splurge and scrimp. Often in bad economic times people want the opposite of that. They want some excess. This is the ceremonial opening of a new government regime. The messages sent are different than other messages. There are messages that will be sent by excess that may not be the right tone for an administration of change. Beschloss said Americans will be following it all with preconceived ideas of what will transpire on the stages.

But he referred to a previous inauguration spectacle as a reference point for this one and others since. Follow today. Posted by: gaprddesc May 19, PM.

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When we the people challenge you on subjects such as Where did Aids come from? Is it some genetic reason that Blacks and gays have such a high concentration of the disease or is this information propaganda also? When we point out our arrogance, get the best and the brightest or better yet get the common man to discuss what they believe. There is no wrong or right answer. While we waste time on issues that don't aid us in our day to day living we missed the chance to make a change in our future. There is a pattern in the political realm of America and it is no accident that we are discussing recessions, depression and redistribution of wealth in my opinion.

Living through our economy for the last 40 years and analyzing our the political scandals and decision, I have noticed a pattern. Ask the question. Who is in power when the stock market, financial market, housing market, savings and loan market, oil market, accounting market, as well as other entities that rise and fall in worth and prices are low? Is it the RepublicDEM reigning? When there is a down turn in the economy it is a good thing for those who can afford to buy houses and stock and anything that is low in worth. It is a coincidence that an Oil Man is president and the Oil Market is reporting record profit.

We don't forget and yes we have good memories, is instead of thinking of Americans as stupid people who can't see the forest before the trees start thinking of ways that we can let our voices be heard. When we tell you what the average person is facing, investigate. When we say there is a problem with the Scoring system, investigate. Listen to Rev. Wright's points. Investigate each one of them then report.

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Don't kill the messenger before the message has been debated. Posted by: gaprddesc May 18, PM. Let them speak Part I: Let me say that you all have brought up good points and I am liberated to be able to debate and discuss issues that affect the American people.

We must realize that in less than a week or so, Rev. If you bring up something off the subject, they can not debate if it is off Script from what their favorite commentator handed them that day.. If mainstream, America is discussing real problems, that real people face on a daily basis that is affecting their quality of life, then real solutions can be found to address them.

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All one has to do is listen a few times to the following pundits, commentators and self described experts, to understand how rooted this issues have become in our society as they dance around the race issue or their attempt to demonize anyone who disagrees with their way of thinking: 1.

Fox news 2. Hannity 3.

Ann C. Rush Limbaugh 5. Levine the Ole great one 6. Don IMUS 7.


This concentration of power and the continued consolidation of our mainstream communication vehicle has effectively prevented a true debate on any issue that matters to the American People and affect us on a daily basis thereby allowing the continued fleecing of America. It is alive and well. Have you ever wondered where the video or the tapes of a conversation of people who are in the business of challenging the establishment of power have come from or who created the tape to begin with knowing we have a Constitution in place and the rule of law? Look at the tapes that mysteriously appeared of Rev.

Al Sharpton or Rev. Martin Luther King. The fact is we love our country more and we work at democracy of this great republic daily! Our ancestor shed blood for this country that you and I could live in peace. These noble people will never be able to take this away from us.

GOP Urged To ‘Put Some Salsa Sauce’ On The Conservative Movement At ‘Road To Majority’ Conference

They are rightfully so, angry about not being able to say what they feel in their hearts about a race of people for the last 40 years. They were not allowed to live they way they wanted separate and unequal. They hate civil rights and racial quotas. They believe they are a more moral people before They believe we are victims and that we are solely to cause for our misfortune in most cases despite the higher fees for one set of Americans and the lower fees for the other set. They feel that they should not pay the price or be blamed for the sins of some whose father s were apart of demonizing a race of people and enslaving them, raping their wives and doing unspeakable acts to their children, their men and daughters.

They feel their families came over and worked as hard and never enslaved anyone. Some feel they are a superior race and are entitled to riches of this world and all others should bow to them and be their slaves.

Bait and Switch maneuver as the cornerstone of modern US politics: deceiving voters as the art

Some feel what was done to the Colored ones was not as bad as what was done to those who got reparations for their miss-fortune in life and think that the colored ones should just shut-up and stop whining and get over it despite still living the affects of JIM Crow and black law disguised as something else. Can some explain this to me? Some of them moved from Democratic to Republican party in late s and by they had gained control of the once great Republican party who stood for the party of the Great Lincoln who was a friend of Frederick Douglas.

Now, it is easy for me to suggest that these noble Americans should have been allowed to at the very least voice their opinions even while change in America was occurring, and maybe they did. It is easy for me to call them nobile and a just people that should have been given a right to communicate their personal beliefs because I am judged by most part for my ability and the content of my character and instead of my color when it comes to getting a good job. It is easy for me to hold this opinion, as I am one of the beneficiaries in the last 40 years to go to school with white girls and white boys who have been my best friends all my life, who treated me like their sister, I did not go to separate bathrooms, or separate water fountains or sit on the back of the bus or taken to a back of the restaurant where the dogs ate crumbs and I was on the surface treated like I was equal, I was not humiliated or my dignity destroyed.

The media then follows like puppy dog does with his tail tucked between their legs when they are ashamed or afraid because the very people who now own there business or the media business will surely correct their behavior if they step out of line. The causality of allowing this machine to grow year after year is the following: 1. Howard Dean who believed passionately along with his followers what they were doing was removed from mainstream America and the debate even though it was a grassroot effort.. President Clinton, feeling his oats ,seduced by a very controlled woman who had the presence of mind to save a blue dress with evidence, another woman who had the presence of mind to tape her, an out of control Attorney General Kenneth Starr who not only made Mrs.

It’s not a day, it’s an Inauguration extravaganza

They demonize anyone who will dare ask the question. She was ostracized, the media allow picture of her to look like she was crazy as guards harassed her when she entered the Congress building. They made sure they took pictures that could mislead the public. At least I think. It may be bigger than the race issue now. It may be about money or the love of money. The race issue may be a bait to keep control of their own followers or subjects that will communicate their propaganda day in and day out.