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Teachers, help serious students submit their work for print publication. Connect with iTunes to publish a book on iBooks I recently finished a novel. . and market your work. com If you've written a novel, book or short story and you want . a 13 Jun Later this year Overlook will publish my second novel, " The Big Exit.

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Blog post. Debra H. Goldstein Writes Cozy Mystery with a Twist. Goldstein with her featured book second in a series Two Bites Too Many.

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Good Morning, Debra. What may I get you to drink? Hello, Booklovers! Welcome, Joseph! JDM: Most of the time I drink tea mostly though not exclusively green tea but I do enjoy coffee and have a small espresso machine. I love an espresso shot or two at some point in the day. It not only gives. Instead of the usual Coffee Chat interview, this week's guest is sharing her list of marketing tips and a peek at her latest book! A nice example of authors paying it forward Develop a long bio. Develop a word bio. Develop a 50 word bio. Invest in a professional websiteInvest in a professi.

We Shall Not Forget. Author Nancy A. Good Morning, Booklovers! Welcome, Nancy. AN: I prefer tea or hot chocolate, dark. How about hot chocolate? While I fix our drinks, please introduce yourself to readers. Grab your favorite beverage and prepare for some book talk with guest author Pamela Turner, and check out her featured paranormal suspense novel, Watchers Chronicles Book 1: Rogue Angel. Welcome to the blog, Pamela. How do you take your coffee? Are you ready for our weekly book talk? Ally: While I fill our mugs, please introduce yourself to readers. Welcome to this week's Coffee Chat!

I've already put it on my TBR list! BH: I am kind of a wimp when it comes to coffee. I put in milk and sweetener, and usually have a cookie or biscotti to add to it. It sounds delicious.

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While I gather our drinks and maybe those coo. Settle in with your favorite drinks and enjoy a post from this week's guest author, mystery writer Mary Feliz. Welcome, Mary! Without more ado, the blog is yours An escapist historical? Or an atmospheric fantasy in a frozen landscape to distract you from the heat and humidity? It lends an ambiance to the chapters that gives the reader the gentle nudge to feel the scenes not just read them.

Each chapter has an assigned song to set the tone and the mood, or sometimes intensify the already tense interaction between the characters. From chapter one there are notions set into motion that help build not only the story but each character line, from Max and the mystery girl cruising down the road locking eyes, to the careless tragedy that occurs forcing Max to push his limits within minutes of entering his paradise.

Max is a tormented soul, he knows pain and bears a guilt that haunts his dreams and ripped apart his life. His lovable Uncle Frank is a heart warming guy who doesn't tell Max what to do he simply guides and supports him through his new life on the island. Max soon finds out that things are gonna go so right that it'll go wrong. Samantha and Asia have both caught his eye and he has both the girls attention, as different as night and day Sam and Asia they both volley for Max's attention. Max soon learns how special both girls are both to him and for him, but of course where a love triangle is involved someone is always going to get hurt.

But who is strong enough to hold on the the fire that burns this passion. The emotional twists in Ember are insane it's like a time bomb on every page, just when you think you've figured it out guess again cause it's fixing to flip and break your heart. This book is a male point of view for most of the time which is nice for a change to get a little peek into how a guy sees and handles all the emotions of being different, new, afraid, and hurt all at once. The author kept the focus in balance the whole story it never wondered off or got confusing, it is an overwhelming ride through fire, lightning, and pain.

From all those things comes discovery, understanding, and eventual healing. I cried at several parts in this book but the end was astonishing and had tears rolling down my face not for one character but for all of them! All the characters are bound together so tightly that for one to hurt is for all to be affected. I loved that I got attached to this book and was able to connect to the characters and feel for them.

The music pulsed right along with the feelings and emotions making it that much more involving and capturing. I could quit reading tonight until I was through the whole book because the emotions and the music sucked me in and refused to let me go until my eyes welled up and the words The End came into focus. I couldn't think of a better way to read this amazing story than with its own beautiful music to coincide the rush of feeling and imagination.

I was carried away into a story that was full of twists and turns that kept me gasping for air and my temperature rising. Look, Listen, Fade Away. Downpour book 2 is next I'm gonna love this. Sep 23, Fathima rated it it was amazing.

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I've always heard that said in movies or my favourite books but i never believed in it for a second. Death at first sight. That was much more my style. You know tha whole James Dean kind of thing. Love fast , die young sort of culture.

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Soon enough i would have experienced both " - Max Valentine With a beginning like that , how could one not read a book that i would like to call ' the experience of a lifetime '! This book makes me want to move to Hawaii and experienc " Love at first sight. This book makes me want to move to Hawaii and experience the events unfolding in the book with my own eyes. Cover-Speak : I absolutely and instantly fell in love with the cover of this book.

Why am i saying that? Well , its because that i've come across a lot of books in my recent endeavours that feature couples , hot girls and hot guys , or nature related elements like Waterfall , Flowers , Mountains and many more. But not a Burning or a semi-burnt paper.

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  • Very different , very intriguing. Ember tells us the story of 18 yr old Max Valentine , who is haunted by the nightmares of his past. In an attempt to re-discover life and make a fresh start , Max moves in with his Uncle Frank who lives in the Enchanting Maui , an Hawaiian Island. How these characters influence Max and in what way does it affect him is the story of Ember. Things i loved about this book : 1 The Characters : The characters are so well written by the author , that they feel so real and an instant connection is made with them once the reader has completely faded away into the book.

    Max Valentine is my ultimate favourite.

    He comes across as a normal teenger with anger management issue. But these issue can cost him dearly if he does not learn to control it. Max is soooo much more than what meets the eye.