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She was well-known on Lake Superior as the largest freighter on the Great Lakes at the time, and she held several hauling records. She is still the largest ship to have sunk on Lake Superior. Another ship bound for Detroit, the Arthur M.

"A Fateful Journey: Africa in The Works of El Anatsui"

Anderson , rendezvoused with the Fitzgerald after having departed from Two Harbors, Minnesota. Since Fitzgerald was faster than Anderson , she was ahead on the lake by about 10 to 15 miles. Because they knew a heavy storm was forming over the Great Lakes, both captains agreed to chart a course across Superior on the northern side.

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This route, they thought, would provide shelter with the protection of the highlands and the Canadian shore. They would steam between Keweenawan Peninsula and Isle Royale.

Their intent was to turn southeast and towards Whitefish Point, which could provide even more shelter from the storm. Map showing the location of the wreck, with the red pointer. By the morning of November 10th, the gale warnings issued the previous day had been upgraded to severe. Wind speeds increased to 50 knots, with 12 to foot waves.

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However, both captains had successfully piloted their ships through similar storm situations frequently. Even though conditions continued to worsen by the hour that day, both ships sailed on. Fitzgerald nearly reached Caribou Island, but the slower Anderson was behind, just approaching Machicote, almost four miles from West End Light.

Phoenix, the Fateful Journey

Cooper later reported that he had seen the Fitzgerald get closer than she should have to Six Fathom Shoal, which is north of Caribou Island. On his radar, Cooper could calculate the distance between the Fitzgerald and the beacon on Caribou.

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Snow and spray prevented them from seeing the Fitzgerald , 17 miles ahead by this time, except on radar. The Fitzgerald made radio contact to report she had a fence rail down and damage or loss of two vents, and also that she was listing. Cooper ordered his crew to keep Fitzgerald in sight on radar. The Anderson began to suffer her own damage.

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The Fateful Journey follows her trip with German zoologist Theodor von Heuglin, which took them through Egypt and Sudan in search of adventure and unknown regions in Central Africa.. Drawing upon four years of research in the Tinne archives, and including never before published correspondence, photographs, and other documents, Robert Joost Willink presents a compelling account of their journey and its tragic ending.

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This exciting volume not only sheds light on Tinne's life and times, it also offers captivating insights into the world of European adventurers in the 19th century. An enthralling mix of adventure and careful scholarship, The Fateful Journey creates a powerful portrait of Alexine Tinne throughout her life, from her start as a rich heiress in the Netherlands to her end as the intrepid explorer who risked—and lost—everything on a daring, doomed quest.

Robert Joost Willink.

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The White Nile and Khartoum. Preparations for the journey. To the Bahr elGhazal.