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Maps can only be used once. Blinding Light. Burning Dread. Cold Blooded Fury. Cold Greed. Just don't kill me" "But then I wouldn't have everything I want, would I? Crimson Hues. Dance of Steel. Swing together, spin apart, And dance with death sublime. Spin together, swing as one, And dance with death in trine. Dark Instincts. The rest will come naturally. Darktongue's Shriek. Dying Cry. End of the Light. A crystalline, perfectly still utopia. Faith Exhumed.

Fire and Brimstone. The first spark is never the last. Fire and Ice.

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From The Void. Greed's Folly. Heavy Blows. Hit them once. Last of the Wildmen. I rely on the charity of my fellow wayfarers.

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Dead men are generous men. Can't try a man for murder if you can't find him. Mouth of Horrors. A curse for a curse. Nature's Resilience. Pleasure and Pain. The spikes point out and in, you know. Make more room for the soul to grow. Nothing as it should be. Power Magnified. Note: holding means equipping or having the gear in the player inventory. Severed Limbs.

Song of the Sekhema. Sun's Punishment. Dance beneath the orb of gold! The Apex Predator. The Beginning and the End. We should count ourselves lucky when we see neither. I just pray I am long dead before they arrive. The Bishop's Legacy. Not so, the battle for survival.

Hard2: Thirst for blood (The King Series)

The Bloody Flowers Redux. The Bowstring's Music. Stacatto, drone, a rest drawn long, Another hears Death's final song. Note: holding means equipping or having that bow in the player inventory. The Dreaded Rhoa. The Fall of an Empire. Such is the nature of progress. Progress cannot be eternal. The Flow of Energy. The Great Leader of the North. The Great Mind of the North. The Karui Rebellion. The King and the Brambles. The King's Path. The Malevolent Witch. The Mentor.

The Misunderstood Queen. She let the peasants take their wealth. The peasants wanted to take her wealth. She let the soldiers take their heads. The soldiers wanted to take her head. She sat on her throne and wept. The guards held them at bay.

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The peasants overwhelmed the guards. The nobles paid for their lives. The nobles took her throne, and so she fled to the woods. The Nightmare Awakens. Merely men who lack the conviction to pay it. The Queen's Sacrifice. The Servant's Heart. The Silverwood. The Snuffed Flame. The Storm Spire. Trapped in the Tower.

Winter's Mournful Melodies. Is there sweeter music? Crushing Squall.

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Prophecy completes upon entering an area. Area will contain a Tempest. Fire from the Sky.

Ice from Above. Lightning Falls.

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The Undead Storm. Area will contain a Morbid Tempest. Vaal Winds. Area will contain a Corrupting Tempest. A Call into the Void. Metal withered and flesh melted before its arcane power. Lift up your heads The sages note that where it is written, "When you take a census of the children of Israel" Exod.