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Hairy and Proud (Hairy Women Documentary) - Only Human

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Hairy Metaphors

The hostess says to me "you hairy, just like monkey". I proceeded to fake laugh, turn around and walk out. Girl "ugh. Why are you so hairy? You gotta say it in a disgusted tone to get the feel of it. I used to wear glasses when i was in 5 grade, and by then i had a little mustache and hair on my arms and my English teacher used to call me Hairy Potter.

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I went to the beach with some friends; one of which brought along their kids. Breeding males also develop — somewhat hair-like — dermal papillae that extend along the flanks and thighs. These contain arteries and are thought to increase the surface area for the purpose of absorbing oxygen comparably to external gills of the aquatic stage , which is useful as the male stays with his eggs for an extended period of time after they have been laid in the water by the female.

The species is terrestrial , but returns to the water for breeding, where egg masses are laid onto rocks in streams. The quite muscular tadpoles are carnivorous and feature several rows of horned teeth. Adults feed on slugs , myriapods , spiders , beetles and grasshoppers.

The hairy frog is also notable in possessing retractable "claws" though unlike true claws , they are made of bone, not keratin , which it may project through the skin, apparently by intentionally breaking the bones of the toe. When sheathed, each claw is anchored to the nodule with tough strands of collagen, but, as Gerald Durrell [5] discovered firsthand, when the frog is grabbed or attacked, the frog breaks the nodule connection and forces its sharpened bones through the skin.

This is probably a defensive behavior.

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Although a retraction mechanism is not known, it has been hypothesized that the claws later retract passively, while the damaged tissue is regenerated. Amphibian researcher and biologist David Wake of the University of California , Berkeley , says that this type of weaponry appears to be unique in the animal kingdom, although the Otton Frog possesses a similar "spike" in its thumb.

They could allow a frog's feet "to get a better grip on whatever rocky habitat they might be in," he says.

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Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests , rivers , arable land , plantations , and heavily degraded former forest. This species is roasted and eaten in Cameroon.

They are hunted with long spears or machetes. The Bakossi people traditionally believed that the frogs fall from the sky and, when eaten, it would help childless couples become fertile. We rely on our members for support. You can help us by making a donation today.

Hairy Bikers

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