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Do you want help to keep your training motivation high? Do you want personal feedback on your training?

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The course consists of eight exciting training sessions intended to help you with the foundation training of your gun dog. We are here to provide you with more structure in your training and to help you both to get started and to continue on in your training. The course has themes such as training methodology, taking and holding, delivery to hand, walking at heel, steadiness and the stop signal, blind retrieves, holding an area, and how you can put all the different skills together.

Gun Dog Training / 8 Month Lab

You can film your training and get feedback from us. Make sure to keep the videos at a maximum of three minutes. If you want to upload one video per training session or if you want to make 27 videos on just delivery to hand is your choice.

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Ellen — March 21, Great structure and great that all lessons where accesible from the start so I could chose for myself what to focus on. I felt I gained a lot from the course and that my dog and me developed during the course.

Want to eliminate stress and enhance the experience of training your own gundog?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Gundog Club is working to raise standards in gundog welfare through the promotion of modern reward-based training methods, and the provision of caring and competent Accredited Instructors.

Gundog training courses, classes and sessions

Until the arrival of the Gundog Club, all popular national gundog tests in the UK were competitions for fully trained Gundogs. Testing the dog throughout the entire training process helps to motivate learners and to encourage them to enjoy and complete the gundog training journey. Graded training helps to focus learners on training in small and achievable steps which in turn enables the Gundogs to benefit from modern reward-based training methods.

Grade 3 and above. Phone: