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It Was Written in the Stars Lyrics

Not Carina. She would pretend to snore loudly if I tried to discuss the political climate or suggested that we re-evaluate our choice in superannuation provider. Her complete lack of interest in the goings-on in the world around us exasperated me to no end. But I loved her, all the same. Our story begins in October, I was contemplating retirement from a fairly successful banking career, but nervous at the prospect. I only remember Carina — her long, red hair streaked with silver and glowing like fire in the restaurant lights. We were nothing alike. She had travelled the world and now had her sights set on the stars.

I had travelled nowhere except within the pages of a book. And yet somehow, we worked.

I imagine what it might have been like, meeting at twenty, or thirty, or even forty years of age. Would we have married and had children? But Carina just laughed, recounting her years backpacking through Indonesia or volunteering at a school in Africa. We came from different worlds, and yet we settled into an easy companionship.

Our first date started off as a disaster, however. She was very polite, but I could tell that she was uncomfortable, and the conversation seemed forced, despite our easy chatter at the fundraising event just a few days earlier. The simple question threw me. I had already decided that after dinner, we would have dessert — the tasting platter of exotic ice-creams — and then I would take her for a drive along the waterfront.

It was already sorted, planned meticulously. She had laughed her musical laugh. I nodded, of course — who could argue with Carina — and tried to look eager while my insides clenched uncomfortably. For half an hour, she directed me up one road and then down another, snaking gradually towards the western suburbs.

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I snapped at her after she sent me the wrong way and told me to perform a U-turn on a busy suburban street. She was good at that. But all of a sudden she figured out where we were, and directed me up the winding, narrow street called Mountain Road. There was a restaurant about halfway up, but she just waved me on, telling me to go all the way to the top. The night seemed to consume the beam of my headlights and I could barely see the turns ahead.

Carina chattered happily all the way up, seemingly oblivious to my concern. Right at the top there was a little car park, a patch of grass, and nothing else. I looked at her, aghast. But she was already out and halfway across the small field. I unclipped my seatbelt and followed, muttering under my breath. Just as I reached her, she flopped down onto the grass and lay back with her head cradled in her hands. I just stood, staring at her. She looked ridiculous, a grown woman in an evening dress, lying prostrate on the ground.

She looked gorgeous, and wild, and unpredictable. She patted the grass beside her, but I just folded my arms. I had stalked back to the car, planning to sit there in comfort until she was finished staring at the stars. But then I noticed the blanket which lay across the back seat, and changed my mind. I returned to the spot where she was lying, blanket in hand, and laid it out on the ground next to her.

We want to know what our best trait is and if our current relationship will work out, regardless of the fact that Buzzfeed sometimes bases those things on your favorite pizza toppings. In fact, I think it's quite positive. And when there are negatives, they describe how to work against them.

It is so much more. The zodiac allows people to understand their complexity of personality, even if it is a bit off. Please note All comments are eligible for publication in The Daily Gamecock. A Little Old Church in England. It's Always You. The Airminded Executive. Below the Equator.

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Written in the Stars

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